Shiny – web apps in R – extended version


Applications in Shiny - extended version

Training description

Shiny is a web application framework for R. It allows creating complex data dashboards using only R. It’s gaining increasing popularity in many companies and institutions.

Duration: 4 days 8 hours each (including an hour lunch break)

Requirements: knowledge of R programming language at an intermediate level which can be acquired during our training “Introduction to R”.

Training agenda

Part one: The first step is always the hardest

  • Application file structure
  • Building app interface
  • Building server logic

Part two: Small app – small problem, big app – …

  • Observer vs. reactive
  • Modules
  • Structure of files and communication between them
  • Debugging using Chrome DevToolsDebugging using shinytest package
  • Creating real-time applications
  • Importing data from database
  • Sharing the application with end user

Part three: How to impress a friend

  • Interactive charts – overview of useful packages
  • Interaction and animation using shinyjs and shinyWidgets packages
  • Importing CSS and Javascript files
  • Adding interactive application guide
  • Multidimensional communication between the application’s elements

Part four: Polishing the details

  • Interactive tables – how to create and customize
  • Creating dashboards with shinydashboard
  • Improving performance via asynchronous operations
  • Bookmarking app state

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