Increasing PostgreSQL query performance


Increasing PostgreSQL query performance

Training description


This training covers various topics related to PostgreSQL query optimisation.

Duration: 2 days 8 hours each (including an hour lunch break)

Requirements: At least basic knowledge of SQL and at least minimum experience with PostgreSQL. Those can be acquired during our training “SQL for beginners”.

Training agenda

Part one: I’ve been waiting for so long…

  • Why is my query slow
  • Execution order

Part two: Analyzing the query


Part three: Column indexing

  • Index types
  • Partial indexing
  • Indexing results of a function
  • Indexing text to quickly search later

Part four: Optimizing queries

  • Aggregates optimization
  • HashAggregates vs. GroupAggregates
  • Optimizing IN statements
  • Optimizing ORDER BY statements
  • JOIN order and its influence on performance
  • Optimizing SET statements

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