Reporting in R


Reporting in R

Training description

Reporting is an inseparable element of the analytical process. The training covers a broad spectrum of topics on creating repeatable reports directly from R (with the rmarkdown package).

Duration: 2 days 8 hours each (including an hour lunch break)

Requirements: knowledge of R programming language at an intermediate level which can be acquired during our training “Introduction to R”.

Training agenda

Part one: Let’s get it started

  • Creating a document
  • R Markdown – syntax
  • Chunks of code
  • YAML

Part two: Spoiled for choice

  • HTML document
  • PDF document
  • Word document
  • Notepad
  • Presentations

Part three: The gimmicks

  • Creating dozens of reports at once
  • Interactive reports using Shiny
  • Interactive reports using flexdashboard
  • Adjusting reports to individual needs

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