Shiny Bootcamp

Is your dream to become a Shiny developer? Do you think that Shiny apps will allow your company to manage information better and support the decision-making process? Perhaps you think there is another reason why Shiny apps are great. Regardless of your motives, learning programming in this technology has never been more accessible! Sign up today for our comprehensive bootcamp on Shiny app programming!


RStudio and Shiny are trademarks of RStudio, Inc.

Training description

The training covers programming in Shiny from scratch and it is run over the course of 4 weeks.
It includes 4 courses from our offer and time dedicated to improving practical skills:

First week

(Friday - Sunday)

Shiny – application development – a comprehensive course on creating Shiny apps, detailed agenda available here.

Second week

(Friday - Sunday)

JS and CSS in shiny – training on integration and tools supporting Shiny app – CSS and JavaScript, detailed agenda available here.

Third week

(Friday - Sunday)

Deploying Shiny application in production environment – introductory training on publishing apps in business environment, detailed agenda available here.

The principles of application design and its components – training covering good practices when developing Shiny apps for the purposes of information management and supporting the decision-making process in business. Detailed agenda available here.

Fourth week

(Friday - Sunday)

Practical application of acquired knowledge – creating an advanced Shiny app from scratch under trainer’s supervision.

Basic information

The training will be held in Warsaw. Participation requires knowledge of R programming language at an intermediate level which can be obtained by participating in our “Introduction to R” training.

Training dates and registration

Bootcamp will be launched after the minimum number of participants signs up. We are currently in the process of collecting a training group. To sign up for a bootcamp, please contact us via the contact form.

Price list

The training is available in three options.


4 999zł

any 2 training sessions from the list 1 individual meeting with a mentor (30 min.)

Sign up!


9 499zł

All 4 training courses from the list 3 days of intensive workshops Assignments 6 meetings with a mentor (6 x 30 min.)

Sign up!

It is possible to pay with a payment plan (60% payable 2 weeks before the start of the training, 40% payable halfway through the training).

Drop us a line

Questions, doubts, suggestions? Want to suggest a training date or a topic? We’d love to hear from you!


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