Flask – Creating web applications


Flask - Creating web applications

Training description

The training introduces fundamentals of design, creation and deployment of Flask applications in area of analytics. During workshops, trainees will have an opportunity to create machine learning application and deploy it in form of an API with simple graphical interface for monitoring.

Duration: 3 days 8 hours each (including an hour for breaks)

Requirements: knowledge of Python programming language at an intermediate level which can be acquired during our training „Introduction to Python” and „Data processing in Python”.

Training agenda

Part one: Essential Fundamentals

  • What is an API?
  • Basic methods
  • Application structure

Part two: Extending the app

  • Connecting to database
  • App monitoring (logging)
  • Implementation of basic CRUD
  • Automatic tests

Part three: Let’s communicate with world

  • Machine learning model as an API – structure
  • Model example and deployment
  • API consumption

Part four: Beautiful side of app

  • Fundamentals of HTML & CSS
  • HTML template with Jinja2
  • Data visualisation by Bokeh

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