CSS and JavaScript in Shiny


CSS and JavaScript in Shiny

Training description

Shiny allows creating amazing apps using only R. But what to do if “amazing” is not good enough? How to go beyond Shiny possibilities? Using the knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript you can freely modify or extend your app. The training covers the basics of these 3 languages in the context of working with apps in Shiny.

Duration: 3 days 8 hours each (including an hour lunch break)

Requirements: knowledge of R and Shiny at an intermediate level that can be acquired during our trainings: “Introduction to R” and “Shiny – web apps in R“.

Training agenda

Part one: The app is working. What now?

  • Methods of implementing CSS and JS code in shiny
  • Customization using ChromeDevTools
  • Introduction of HTML (tags, ids, classes)
  • Html Templates in Shiny

Part two: The looks matter – CSS styles

  • Identification and grouping of elements
  • Cascade and inheritance
  • Formatting objects
  • Positioning objects
  • Customization of the appearance of interactive charts and tables

Part three: Interactivity matters – JavaScript

  • jQuery – the basic structure
  • The logic behind the library
  • Modification and adding styles in CSS
  • Events in jQuery
  • Debugging methods
  • Communication between JavaScript and R

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