Introduction to Python


Introduction to Python

Training description

Python is a powerful programming language, which became extremely popular not only because of clear syntax and gentle learning curve but also for its contribution in developing solutions in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“Introduction to Python” is a training dedicated to everyone who would like to kick-start their career with Python.

Duration: 3 days 8 hours each (including an hour lunch break)

Requirements: to participate in this training you need basic knowledge of statistics.

Training agenda

Part one: Let’s get it started

  • Python Installation
  • Python 2.X vs. 3.X
  • Python Distribution
  • PyCharm IDE and Jupyter Notebook
  • Importing modules
  • Data structures
  • Variables -creating, manipulation
  • Built-in data types

Part two: The necessary foundation

  • For loop and derivatives
  • Conditional functions – if and derivatives
  • List comprehension

Part three: The missing link

  • Creating functions – reasons, basics, advantages
  • Exceptions
  • Object-oriented programming

Part four: Be independent!

  • Creating virtual environments
  • How to manage Python code in a project

Part five: Let’s dig deeper!

  • Numpy
  • Pandas

Part six: The bright side of programming

  • Matplotlib & seaborn – data visualization solutions
    • Syntax basics
    • How to customise a plot design
  • Interactive data visualisation by Bokeh
    • Podstawy Syntax basics
    • How to customise a plot design

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