Docker for Data Science


Docker for Data Science

Training description

Docker became a gold standard in the IT world. It gets a lot of attention among Data Science teams because it allows to solve common problems such as reproducibility of analyses or a web application stability.

“Docker for Data Science” is a training for everyone who cares about the stability and reliability of provided solutions.

Duration: 1 day or 2 days 8 hours each (including an hour lunch break) depending on knowledge of Linux.

Requirements: knowledge of Python or R.

Training agenda

Part one: Let’s look under the hood

  • Introduction to Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Executing commands using terminal

Part two: Docker – the world of containers

  • What’s Docker?
  • Installation
  • How to create Dockerfile
  • Command overview used in Dockerfile
  • How to create Docker image
  • How to store stuff in DockerHub

Part three: Interesting use cases

  • How to reproduce your analysis
  • How to deploy a stable application (Flask or Shiny)

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